8 What does the law provide for the property of registered and non-registered partners?

According to the Registered Partnership Act, two persons of the same sex may enter into a registered partnership.

In default of an agreement stipulating otherwise, the same provisions apply to a registered partnership as to marriage.

However, legal provisions which are only applicable to persons of a particular sex are inapplicable to registered partnerships. This concerns the rule on the applicable law cited in 1.1., which is conditioned on the sex of a particular spouse. This rule is, therefore, inapplicable to registered partnerships.

There appears to be no uniform legal practice on the applicable law for property relations in registered partnerships, but legal professionals suggest that they are governed by the law of the country of the partners' first joint residence, optionally by the law of the country in which the partnership was registered. It is further suggested that choice-of-law agreements are admissible.

The Nordic Convention on Marriage is inapplicable to registered partnerships. (Registered Partnership Act, § 1 and §§ 3-4)